VoteFlare™ notifies you if your voter information changes.

You register and you vote and it is usually a smooth process. But sometimes unexpected things can happen --such as, database errors, accidental purges, or inappropriate or spurious changes. Any of these can keep your vote from counting on election day. If you know there is a problem before election day, you can often fix it. That’s where VoteFlare™ helps you.

VoteFlare™ regularly checks official information from state and local governments and then emails, texts or phones you if your voter information changes. VoterFlare™ may give you the time you need to make corrections before election day. It is like credit monitoring but for your voter information.

You can identify VoteFlare™ messages.

As the name implies, VoteFlare™ sends "flares" that warn you something changed. These flares take the form of SMS text messages, phone calls, or email messages (based on your selections). Our messages avoid impersonation because any messages from VoteFlare™ simply tells you that something changed and reminds you to visit voteflare.org for details. We never provide or ask for any personal information by email, text, or phone.

VoteFlare™ keeps your information safe.

VoteFlare™ never changes any of your voter information. It merely reads information and reports to you if changes occur.

VoteFlare™ is independent of parties and campaigns.

VoteFlare™ is not associated with any political party or campaign. It is a personal voter service. An organization may purchase coupons and give them to voters to offset the service fee. But even in these cases, the communication still remains between VoteFlare™ and the voter.

Who We Are

VoteFlare™ is a project from the Data Privacy Lab, in the Public Interest Technology Lab, at Harvard University.